Hands on workshop with creative director Rodger Werkhoven focusing on a.i. generated art. Rodger helped train OpenAI and tested and made their Artificial Intelligence Dall-E 2 safe enough to go into its first open beta. He also helped artists such as Arno Coenen, Tinkebell and Martin Koolhoven gain access to this AI. Rodger will dive deeper with you into the the dangers and the possibilities of this innovative AI and gives you access to its systems.

Some fear the potential of DALL-E 2 AI which they believe undermines their artistic exclusivity. And there are those who fear that this AI will be massively abused to generate deepfakes, destroying mutual trust between people forever. Proponents believe that this AI democratizes creativity; everyone becomes an artist. Good thing too, because according to them AI tech and robots will take over all other types of labour from humans. Join this workshop and form your own opinion!