so future

Saturday Sept 10,  14:00 @ Muziekcentrum Enschede

GOGBOT Symposium - So FutureĀ 

We have a special edition of the GOGBOT symposium this year! Two special speakers will be shining their light on the future at length: the American author and future thinker Bruce Sterling and the Danish curator and writer Jacob Lillemose. The former is a veteran and living legend in the science fiction genre and one of the original cyberpunks. The second is taking his first steps in writing. Both have an antenna for the latest social and scientific developments that they deploy in their work. We invited them to speculate freely about the future, separating fact from fiction with razor precision. No one knows better how reality is sometimes stranger than fantasy.

Saturday 10 September 14:00, Muziekcentrum Enschede


Bruce Sterling – writer & thinker

Meticulous, relentless, and full of humor, scifi legend and futurist Bruce Sterling describes our journey into the future. This writer of countless novels, journalisti pieces, and critical analyses of technological and social developments can hold up a mirror to us like no other. During the special GOGBOT SO FUTURE symposium edition he will get all the space he needs to share his razor-sharp vision.  

Jacob Lillemose – curator & writer

Few in the art world are open to a radically innovative view of how art, technology, and society are intertwined. Jacob Lillemose is one of them. This curator of the Danish pavilion at the Venice Biennale is particularly inspired by disaster scenarios. For years he has been studying the plans and designs for future where everything goes wrong. During the special GOGBOT SO FUTURE symposium edition he will talk about this on the basis of his first science fiction book ZERO ARCHITECTURE.