Ton Nieuwenhuis is a Dutch-born, white privileged 50+ heterosexual man and designer and artist.

The Augmented Reality installation LEAFDE focuses on ’the right of the plant’ and Ton explores how the narrative of plants can be used to tell the human story.

Plants are given shelter, care, and space to tell their story (history). The Plant Asylum tells the story of plants, but with that also of the people in the lives of the plants. It makes complex themes that are currently in play – inclusivity, subsistence, multiple perspectives, ownership – negotiable in a simple way.

LEAFDE is a ‘living installation’ that – as long as there is enough care – makes people aware of the situation we are in and the skills needed to survive as a society. The installation will be presented in Tetem and opened during the GOGBOT festival.

Ton Nieuwenhuis has developed Leafde during a production process within Cross-TIC under supervision of Tetem in cooperation with Theater Sonnevanck, University of Twente and Wageningen University & Research.


Morphogenic Angels and Pink Moonrock Cries


In the exhibition ‘Morphogenic Angels and Pink Moonrock Cries’ in Tetem, Keiken collective simulates new structures of existence and explores how society’s imposed worlds of experience govern how we feel, think, and perceive.

The exhibition welcomes participants inside a speculative future and a boundless metaverse.