Gabriel Baggett


What feelings arise when you look at a piece of art that has been forged with brutality?

Can you feel a pressure within your body? Your mind?

I sought in this work to embody a plethora of themes, namely those that concern themselves with the aura of the macabre and the brutal, beauty may be seen, so too may intricacy, but the inescapable nature of this work cultivates more uncomfortable notions; links to the occult, to industrialism and the dirt and dark that comes with each.

I feel that the darkness holds the human spirit in a very specific and overwhelming way so by working to encompass the essences of darkness on a material, conceptual and visual level I harnessed here that same hold. Built using scrap metal, the mechanical chains and motors that rotate and grind create a sense of steel autonomy, an uneasy and uncanny presence that almost seems to breathe and worship the environment in which it finds itself.