In a world that runs on communication and fucks there are only two options: to communicate or to fuck. What is communication these days if nothing more than FUCK. What is fuck? 1. the reproductive act (sex), 2. the eroticism of human desire that drives our species to move, want, and consume without end, or 3. the meaning surplus of the very word ‘fuck’ that stands in for anything to mean fucking everything.

Guy on the left: head Reporter of FUX News XUF. He tries to capture all of the FUCKS everywhere to communicate what people call… the news.

Guy on the right: double head reporter and harmonica prodigy SWEN. Also reports the news. Visit us in our FUX News bus. Bring some of your biggest fucks to report to us, live. We talk about them. We talk about everything. Talk to us. Put it on our cam. Also bring your friends. Fuck your friends. FUX the news!

There is an Instagram account that highlights our best stories: #fuxnewsinc

Come talk in our van for some fuuuuuuucks!