Francisco Almeida Vizentin


Água mole, pedra dura is a multimedia, multiple day installation that questions what role citizens have in thedemocratic process by highlighting the power of perseverance. Many times the biggest obstacles for these political changes are in the system itself. Political figures, formed from prefabricated molds, come to the public as empty vessels, filling whatever role is available and misusing valuable political space. However, this process of cronyism can be deconstructed. Real change is possible, step by step, vote by vote. Soft water dropping day by day wears the hardest rock away.

You are invited to participate in the process. Every vote counts. Cast yours.

The installation is composed by 50 statues made from the same mold. They sit on a metal structure, in a 10×5 grid. Faces of Brazilian politicians are projected on each of the statues. A voting system is in place and allows the audience to decide the outcome of the installation: every hour, a timer runs out and the politician with the least amount of votes is dropped from the structure. Its statue crashes on the floor and breaks into many pieces. The politicians’ facial expressions are always changing, reflecting their mood based on the votes they receive (or don’t receive). At the end of the exhibition, there are no statues left on the structure and only the aftermath of the process can be seen by the spectator: a daunting pile of broken faces.