Yuca_Tech: Energy by hand

The Mexican artist Amor Muñoz combines science and technology with arts and crafts. She is a keen supporter of the open-source movement, a campaign to make technological development and knowledge available to everybody.

This movement generally focuses on software, but Muñoz mainly works with hardware, the physical parts of machines, and networks. She mixes these with more traditional materials and merges old techniques such as weaving with the soldering and construction done in creating hardware systems.

Yuca_Tech – Energy by Hand was one of her first projects. In her hometown Yucatàn, Muñoz organized a DIY workshop lab in the local industry and manufacturing neighborhood. She helped people build practical and more playful objects containing solar cells.

Yuca_Tech is an example of contemporary media art activism that aims to empower people. Seemingly complex technology is brought back to basics and used in hands-on DIY projects. The video shows poetic documentation of Yuca_Tech – Energy By Hand, a tender tribute to a work in which fun and community building prevail.